Game Park Lollipop

On the territory of the 6-storey children’s play & entertainment centre ‘Lollipop’ in Krasnodar there are:
-2 swimming pools
-fun labyrinths
-carousels for babies
-dry pools (with balls, helicopters and bathyscaphes)
-themed game complexes
-board games area
-theatre club
-children’s restaurant
-outdoor playground
-children’s gym complex, and much more

There are clubs and master-class studios (playfull, fun classes) such as:
-foreign languages
-logarithms-patriotic and multicultural education-dancing
-physical development
-creativity development

‘Lollipop’ regularly hosts animation programs, holidays, quests, relay races, contests, etc. You can also celebrate children’s birthday here.

Address: 87 Uralskaya st., Krasnodar